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Syedur Rahman is a Lead DevOps Engineer and Software Architect from Dhaka, Bangladesh. His specialization includes DevOps, Build management, Web application development (Asp.Net, Java, and PHP), Mobile application development, Open source projects, E-commerce and custom application development. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). He has more than 12 years of experience in programming. He has participated in lot of national and international programming contests in between years 2003-2007. He has conducted multiple DevOps training session both nationally and internationally during last 2 years. Recently he conducted workshop on DevOps in Regional Scrum Gathering @China and @Portugal. He has been following agile philosophy and principles for last 8 years. He played one of the key roles to introduce Scrum in his current organization few years ago. As he is one of the three ScrumAlliance certified Scrum Professionals, Scrum Masters, Scrum Developers and Scrum Product Owners of his country, he is also responsible for conducting multiple Scrum training and workshops over there to promote Scrum and Agile in the software community of his country. He is also a SAFe Agilist. As a person he is always self-confident, assured, lively and energetic. He is passionate and knowledgeable about his subject. He speaks without stumbling, using full sentences with correct grammar. He has clear opinion about his topic. Anyone can sense his emotion, enthusiasm and conviction. He creates a strong rapport with his audience, and they connect.

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